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Is your marriage in a slump?  Are you and your partner struggling to flourish as a couple?  Does it feel as if the two of you are no longer on the same page?  Is it getting difficult to connect genuinely on both an intimate and spiritual level?  Are you both still fully invested, but just unsure how to get things back to a place where you experience fulfillment and joy within the confines of your relationship?  First, if these questions have hit home for you and your answer is yes to one or more; you are not alone.  Most couples struggle with one or all these issues at some time during their marriage or a seriously committed relationship.  Hitting a rough patch and needing assistance to work your way through is no big deal and is quite normal. It’s when you find yourself struggling and either neglect to reach out for assistance or refuse to do so, that it becomes a big deal.  And can, in fact, be detrimental!

TheHallWay (Weekly Devotional and Affirmations for Today’s Thriving Couples) is not just a spiritual piece of literary art, it is a tool and a guide.  This devotional, along with the weekly challenges and affirmations it possesses, is just what you need to either stay on track, get back on track, or find your track.  The support and knowledge you’ll gain from absorbing and adopting the practices taught in the TheHallWay will show you how to love and live God’s way and prove to be a game-changer in your relationship.  

This devotional was written for married couples, engaged pairs, people in seriously committed relationships, and even those singles who desire to be in a healthy relationship and want to get a head-start in preparing to become a secure, confident, loving, empathetic, spiritually sound, and attentive partner.   As you engage in the weekly challenges and engross yourself in the affirmations, you will begin to notice uplifting and progressive changes within yourself that will ultimately affect your relationship in an extremely positive and productive way.  Although this devotional was written with the mindset of couples reading and participating in the challenges together, it can still be effective if you find yourself in a situation where you must go it alone.  Remember, you are a mirror for your spouse, and them seeing the best in you will ultimately bring out the best in them and eventually draw them in and draw you closer as a unit.

TheHallWay "A Weekly Devotional for Today's Thriving Couples"

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